Business Opportunities

James John Prattas,

and AlohaUV is Looking to create a 30 Billion USA or Euro Global IPO Group to globalize UV Protective clothing world wide. Just upgrade the material to space age quality. Fashion, Sports, Work, Children’s wear, Oil pipeline and the military clothing companies. Only the Top 5 five in each field world wide.

Launch Group site: NY, NY, USA, London, England, Zurich, Dubai, Switzerland, Tokyo, and Saudi Arabia.

                                                     Massive Global UV Opportunities!

Let us Partner together with our company's Co-Creating your own Custom UV Protective Clothing Styled to your Countries and Ethnicity Styles.

                                            UV Protective clothing is just starting to unfold.

                                                         Estimated today at 4-5 Billion.

Highway Construction, High Rise Construction, Oil Pipe Line Workers, Fishing Industry, Military, Telephone and Cell Companies, Workmans Clothing, Gardners, Resort Wear, Sports and Medical Industries.

                                                  We Are The Future Protective Clothing Company Today! 

TODAY, Is A Fantastic Opportunity to Start a Global Company of Helping All People Protect Themselves and our Family Members and even Pets from harmful extreme UV radiation!

Skin Cancer has skyrocketed World Wide!

Please Contact:

James John Prattas.

I am in Hawaii 808-430-5512

POB 1195, James Prattas Captain Cook, Hawaii 96704