Christina Nelson & family
Dear Aloha UV ~
I am writing on behalf of your amazing Aloha UV shirt I recently received.
I am an avid biker, hiker & runner, originally I got the shirt for its UV protection. I was having trouble finding a top that gave me complete coverage without making me over heat. Not only does the shirt give me 100% UV protection,  it also keeps me cool in the heat & warm in cold , but more excitingly I discovered a performance enhancement! At first I just thought after a workout ~ "wow I feel great what a great ride or run"~, after a few days it was clear to me that the Aloha UV shirt was actually aiding me in my work out. I am able to ride/run longer & find I am less sore & tired. That said I anxiously await a work out pant !!!
Also want to share a funny story about the shirt, when I first got it I only got one for myself, I figured I would try it  out before investing in them for my family. After about 3 days of wearing it I began to express to my husband how great I felt when I wore the shirt. Later that night I rolled over in my sleep & snuggled my husband, curiously I rubbed his arm , hmmm.... I woke him, " are you wearing my UV Aloha shirt?" He replied" Yes, I have for the last 2 nights & I love it, go back to sleep". My husband runs hot, he tends to sweat a lot & is often uncomfortable at night under blankets, he discovered that wearing the shirt to bed helped to regulate his body temperature, now he sleeps comfortably through the night. That said he is anxiously awaiting the pajama set! 
Needles to say I had to get my whole family their own shirts! 
I just wanted to share with you how happy this shirt has made our family. Thank you.

Sincerely & forever a fan
~ Christina Nelson & family

Barry Mendelson
Los Cabos. Mexico
James Your shirt is the most comfortable shirt I've ever worn. Honesty I don't like taking it off. It is very soft and col on my skin.
I've worn it in different temperatures here in the Los Cabo area and it's comfortable in high temperatures as well. (90's). I was surprised !!  Nice not to have to put on sunscreen (neck area as well). Im looking forward to getting a few more
I've bought what are supposed to be comparable but none compare to the light weight, coolness, and temperature versatility as yours.
Warm Regards.

Bob Burns 
Hoosier Fisherman Guide Service.
Dear Aloha UV,
I'm writing to let you know how I have been doing with your shirts on the sun damage.
I have learned the hard way that the sun has not been my friend.
I am a redhead and love to fish. In the last couple years I have had several photodynamic treatments as well as chemical burns and two surgeries for squamish cell carsonma and actinic keratoses. I have a fishing guide business and eventhough I wore protective clothing I still had problems. It wasn't until I started wearing your shirts that I haven't been experienced any skin cancer. Attached are some photos of full days fishing in Cabo San Lucas. I highly recommend your products.
Bob Burns

Sir James

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I love my T102. I wear it outdoors all the time when working in the sun and have even worn it snorkeling. My back used to toast even through a tee shirt as I am fair...this great shirt has kept me safe from ever burning again. Your art painted on the shirt is fantastic too...hope others can get a painted one someday!

I tell all my friends about it wanting you to see more and more customers as we spread the AlohaUV, titanium fabric, T102 story. Keep them Coming!  


My Aloha UV shirt is the first thing I pack for beach trips.
No need for sunscreen for arms, back and chest.
It is also great for stand-up paddle boarding in Colorado.
It keeps me warm from cool breezes as well as safe from
 harmful high altitude sun rays.
Ron Baar