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Aloha UV.COM & T1O2
Is The Ultimate Space Force Flying Solar UV Sun Protective Anti-Microbial Clothing in This World. 

Sun Protection Technology



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To the Best Space Force Solar UV Protective Clothing Company in this world.

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My name is James Prattas and

I am the Founder and President of Aloha UV.Com



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We are not only a 100% UV protection shirt;

We Are The Number 1 shirt for all domestic, international airplane and Outer Space Force travel passengers.

Space X, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, Space Adventures and NASA Space Flights Aloha UV is protecting you.

Alohauv provides you with little to no jet lag, and anti-microbial no matter how long your flight.

Arrive at your destination healthy and ready to go with our TiShield protection.


Looking for Talented global minded corporate experienced young people; to run our new corporation with young talented people from around the world.


They understand the massive explosion in CHILDREN'S uv clothing market happening globally now. Children skin cancers skyrocketed world wide!

Australia, Dubai and All the world heating up due to higher uv radiation.

Resort Wear.

Construction Protective UV clothing.


Employee UV Protective Clothing.


Sports UV Protective Clothing.


Military Uv clothing.


Space ship travel clothing.


Embodied Cognition Nano Fabric Technology.


Use your Imagination!

Look Up!

Think about it and Act Now.

Incredible opportunities for those who understand skin cancer and want to protect people and make a billion +++

Contact me personally at:  jamesprattas@icloud.com 

808 430-5512

Approved Angel Global Funders can order our Prototype Aloha Uv shirts Men’s or Women’s through contacting me by email.

We are sold out on our site and Amazon!

Incredible new Hawaiian Classic Printed Aloha UV protective shirts coming soon.

New Electricity Materials that never runs out of your body's electricity to even run a SIRIS's type TouchMe waterproof computer mother board WithIn the chest Custom Pocket logo calling anyone world wide no larger than a USA Quarter.

New RiceChipping to follow and know your children location; powered by the clothes they wear!

Aloha UV.


We are a family Service Company to provide you and your Family, your Company, Country and Employees with the Best UV Protection in this world.


How Does Aloha UV and our T1O2™ Nano Technology Work?

Nano Fabric Technology Magic! 

"Aloha UV's mission is to inform and protect people from harmful, cancer-causing UV radiation, and how to protect ourself Now, Today."


"These shirts are wonderful for those who have Basal Cell Skin Cancer Melanoma, Squamous who want to protect themselves from UV Skin Cancer Radiation; as well as those in Construction trades, Military, Athletes, and Outdoor enthusiasts alike" 

The World is getting hotter and we need to protect our selves from uv radiation now.


You are very Important. 

Our Aloha UV Sun Protective Sun Protection Shirts are Scientifically Specifically Uniquely and a Nano Technologically Created for you.

Elegantly, A Relax design for men and women who want to have ultimate protection for them selves from harmful UV radiation or have Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Melanoma Skin Cancer, and Squamous Skin Cancer and need to protect themselves from UV Radiation when they are enjoying themselves in the sun.

Also for "All People Working in All Construction Trades.

Even The Military Living and working in High UV Environments World Wide."

Aloha UV is The Ultimate Number One Sun Protective Protection with Prattas Proprietary T1O2 Nano Technology Materials in the world. Patent Pending.

T1O2 is TUFF!


For over Seven years Aloha UV, a UV Cancer Sun Protective Clothing Company have Invented, Designed, Tested and Manufactured all Aloha Sun Protection & Sun Protective Materials for over 7 years.

We Create UV Sun Protective Clothing for customers who also have and want to protect their Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Melanoma Skin Cancer, Squamous Skin Cancer.

We created a Special 4 Way Stretch Material, Antimicrobial, with Superior Wicking Power that blocks 99.3 % UV radiation. Then we infuse the material with Magnetic T1O2 particles and other Prattas Proprietary Materials.

Our shirts feel good and better than Silk and are very comfortable.



They are even Fun to Wear at any occasion. Work or Play.


A very happy kona fisherman wearing AlohaUV :)

Our Shirts are Made with Love and Aloha.

We Care.

We also have family members and friends with skin cancer concerns.

We made the Best In This World Today.

Made in San Francisco, CA, The USA and Saigon, Vietnam.


You will Love your AlohaUV  & T1O2 shirt.

Great UV Protection and Very Comfortable.


The Alohauv shirts below are also a small example of our Custom Painted Art, Camo and other Custom Design's clothing to meet your needs or your Company or Countries needs.

We also offer One of A Kind in The World Custom Painted AlohaUV T1O2 Shirts. 

Email: jamesprattas@icloud.com for more info.

We have been working to bring Outdoor Enthusiasts, Sports, Military and Construction Workers a Very Comfortable UV Sun Protective Clothing solution.

Here It Is.

I know we are sold out;Yet we may have a shirt for you if your are seriously interested: Call me (808) 430-5512 and I'll see if i can help you :)

We saved a few for potential venture investors :)

Especially Designed to protect Fishermen!

True UV Protection from  Basal Cell Skin Cancer when fishing or Golf.

AlohaUV T1O2 Protects our body from Melanoma Skin cancer, Squamous Cell Skin Cancer, and with Aloha UV & T1O2 with "Calming Comfort Technology" based on the latest scientific breakthroughs in Nano Technology fabric integration.


Aloha UV Sun Protection and Sun Protective UV shirts are a Medical Device.

Patent Pending.

Ultimate Real UV Sun Protection Shirt,

A Wearable Medical Device to Truly protect our skin form UV radiation.

Great for All Senior Citizens, All Outdoor life styles and Triathletes World Wide.

Order your Ultimate Aloha UV Sun Protection Today.

Aloha UV & T1O2 shirts are excellent Sun Protective Clothing for protecting Basal cell cancer, Melanoma skin Cancer, Squamous skin Cancer, Psoriasis and many other shin disorders from UV radiation.

Customers with Parkinsons need a great wicking shirt.

Aloha UV has excellent Wicking Power. Aloha UV is the highest quality UV Sun Protection Aloha Shirt in the world.

Once made, the Aloha UV & T102 shirts were submitted to the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency for sunscreen testing.



Their results tested of AlohaUV & T102 higher than UPF 50+,

Effectively screening 99.3%-100% of the UVA and UVB rays.                         

First, Prattas proprietary materials are Alchemy. 

The T1O2 titanium particles remain permanently infused and does not wash out with soap or water.

Aloha UV & T1O2 with Prattas proprietary Sun Protection materials protect your Basal Cell Cancer, Melanoma Skin Cancer and Squamous Cell Cancer with our UV T1O2 Protective Clothing. 

Aloha UV Is Sun Protective Clothing made with Aloha and Love because We Care.

Aloha UV Sun Protection Construction Workers UV Sun Protective Clothing is also Antimicrobial and is the Most Comfortable Breathing Sun Protection Protective Clothing in the Whole World.



Antimicrobial UV Protective clothing.!


Super Yes!  Super Wicking? Yes!

A Very Comfortable Universal Classic Design.

Mens and Women's styles can be worn by men or women.

A Timeless Universal WhiteLight Design.

Our clothes have a Spiritual Nano Technology of Consciousness

You Can Feel Good about because they are Created with LOVE for our Goodness.

Our Customers Report:

"T102 Comfort Calming Technology" Benefits of Aloha UV & T1O2.

Look at their smiles! 

  • Maui Country Club. Mr. A & K:)

Cool and Comfortable: In the Sun Aloha UV-UV Sun Protective clothing with TiShield thechnology we are much cooler and 100% protected from UV radiation.

Our Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are able to penetrate into our skin’s subcutaneous layers, where it converts into radiant heat (infrared energy).

This raises our body temperature in a positive way and improves our blood circulation and creates more Nitrous Oxide NO2.

In hot climates we are COOLER and more comfortable.

In cold climates the Reverse Nano Technology of T1O2 happens and we are Warmer in cold weather due to Far Infrared Rays with 99.3% UV Sun Protection.

In extreme heat you can feel the uv radiation heat bouncing off your shirt; Wow.

Great for Skiing, Hunting, Fishing, Gardening, Flying, Walking your Dog with

Super Sun Protective Protection for All Construction Workers, Roofers, Landscapers, Oil Pipe Line Workers and Military Special Op's.

A Sun Protection Must for all in the Middle East, Africa, India, South America, Australia, Canada, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, Florida, The Rocky Mountains, Everest and all Golf Courses!

Great for Senior Citizens who want a Super Comfortable shirt.

Improved Blood Circulation
Our Far Infrared Ray creates water molecule resonance, which increases H₂O hydration capacity in blood vessels creating NO2. With good hydrating water molecules inside of expand blood capillaries and veins, human body fluid is thinner, thus we have better blood circulations.

Warmth from our radiant heat (infrared energy) helps to flush out toxic substances, heavy metals and other cell waste products through the sweat and sebaceous (fat) glands in the human skin.

Great wicking Power.

Improved Immune Response
Aloha UV & T1O2 FRIR Reflection Improves blood circulation which leads to increased metabolism.

Our Far Infrared Rays aid in the production of nitric oxide. White blood cells require nitric oxide No2 in the defense against cancerous cells.

Nitric oxide, is a key component of the immune system and allows cellular healing take place.

Infrared stimulation is an ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning,

according to NASA.

Calming Effect
Our Magnetic Negative ions induce alpha brain waves, spreading from the occipital area to the parietal, temporal, and even reaching frontal lobes. Alpha waves, distributed evenly on right and left hemispheres of the brain, create an overall calming effect.

Many of our clients report a wonderful nights sleep wearing Aloha UV to bed!

Increased Awareness 
T1O2 helps create Negative ions No2 promote alpha brain waves and increase brain wave amplitude. The brain achieves a higher awareness level.

Nervous System
T1O2 helps Regulation Serotonin affects human neurovascular, endocrinal and metabolic systems (Affecting such thing as sleep quality, depression, anxiety, headache, etc). 

Negative ions and No2 reduce Serotonin level.

Aloha UV is ultimate skin cancer protection.

Protects us from skin aging, wrinkles, DNA damage, Basal Cell Skin Cancer, Melanoma Skin Cancer and Squamous Cell Skin Cancer and does not cause sunburn.

Aloha UV T1O2 Titanium has 99.3-100% UPF50+ and UVA and UVB blocking properties.

Limited Edition of Titanium Shirts in the world!

Give yourself and your family and employees the Best.

You Deserve Aloha UV.






























I Love to get a good night sleep in my Alohauv shirt and so can you:)

Because of the Calming Properties of Titanium and Magnets infused into the material.

Ahhhhhhhhhh !

AlohaUV.com is your Best Protection from the UV radiation world wide.



We are a 100% USA Combat Disabled Veteran Company 2020 SBA Section 8a

Thank you Lord.