Aloha UV Men's & Women's UPF 50+ Sun Protection and Performance Long-Sleeve Polo Shirt

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The Ultimate UV and Anti-Microbial Protection :)
The Best Feel Good Shirt in the world :)
Best Flying shirt in this world :)
The Little to no Jet Lag AlohaUV shirt :)
Golf - Fishing-Surfing-Waking-Gardening-Sports- Military :)
Total 99.3% UV Protection and Anti-microbial :)

Cool and Comfortable: In the Sun Aloha UV-UV Sun Protective clothing with TiShield protection you are 100% protected from UV radiation.

UV-Blocking Protection :)
UVA: Protects skin aging, wrinkles, DNA damage, skin cancer and does not cause sunburn. UVB: skin cancer, DNA mutation Liquid Titanium has UVA and UVB blocking properties.

Cool & Warmth :)
Your Far Infrared Rays (FIR) are Reflected back to us being able to penetrate into our skins subcutaneous layers, where it converts into radiant heat (infrared energy).

This raises the body temperature in a good way.

In hot climates we are cooler and more comfortable and in cold climates the reverse happens and we are warmer in cold weather due to Far Infrared Rays with 100% UV Protection.


Great for swimming, snorkeling, skiing, flying around the world, hunting and fishing and even gardening.
Great for senior citizens too.

Improved Immune Response because of the
Improved blood circulation which leads to increased metabolism.
Far Infrared Rays aid in the production of nitric oxide. White blood cells require nitric oxide in the defense against cancerous cells. Nitric oxide, is a key component of the immune system and allows cellular healing to take place. Infrared stimulation is an ideal way to maintain cardiovascular conditioning,
according to NASA :)

Calming Effect :)

Our Negative ions induce alpha brain waves, spreading from the occipital area to the parietal, temporal, and even reaching frontal lobes. Alpha waves, distributed evenly on right and left hemispheres of the brain, create an overall calming effect.
Anti- Microbial :)
Our Aloha UV shirts are totally compatible with Air Force Space Force flying apparel our opinion.
Many of our clients report a wonderful nights sleep wearing Aloha UV to bed or;
 fly me to the moon :)